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Navigate Northumberland Fit Club

How it works


The Navigate Northumberland Fit Club is run every Tuesday and Thursday night. Starting at 6.30 and can last between one and two hours depending on group size and fitness (dogs are welcome), please try and arrive for 6.25 or earlier so we can set off at 6.30. All walks will be walked at a brisk pace to get the most benefit.


All locations are chosen for scenery/length/level and within twenty minutes of each other. We have eight walks and will do each walk once per month (all levels of fitness are welcome and all our walks will be easy walks to start with and then depending on group ability we will move up to medium).


The more you come the less you pay, the sessions cost £4pp per session or you can pay £7pp for both sessions that week. If you want to pay for all eight sessions in a month the cost is £24pp saving you 25%.


To join a walk you have to email us to confirm you are coming as there are limited spaces available. You can also verbally confirm you are coming at the previous walk. If you have confirmed your place and do not email us to say you are not coming 24 hours before the walk then the next time you come you will be charged for two walks.


What to wear


As far as clothing goes we would advise wearing comfy trousers/jogging pants, walking boots/trainers (an old pair may be best as some of routes go through fields so they may get a little dirty) and a jacket (unless it is raining and then you might want to wear some waterproofs).


In some cases walking boots might be more appropriate but I will advise these when needed.


Don’t forget your water or energy drink.




Get fit the smart way with The Navigate Northumberland Fit Club.

Who needs a Gym?


Why become a Monthly member?


Our monthly members save 25% a month. You also get discounts on our weekend Guided Walk program, our Navigation Courses and up to a 10% discount on all your purchases at the Great Outdoor Superstore at Boundary Mills Retail Park.


For information email us on


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